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Civil Rights: Same-Sex Marriage

            Same sex marriage is a pressing issue in today's modern society. People of the same sex deserve the right to marriage, given that people of opposite sex are allowed the right to marriage. Same sex couples are denied important benefits that are given to heterosexual couples. Personal moral disapproval of gay marriage is not a legitimate reason to deny same sex marriage. Denial of same sex marriage sends the message that it is alright for our people to discriminate and look down on the gay and lesbian communities in America. America is a country based on equality, and homosexuals should be allowed the same rights as those given to heterosexuals.
             People of the same sex deserve the right to marry because without marriage, they are denied many important rights that go along with being in a heterosexual marriage (Badgett). There are restrictions on hospital visitations, taxation differences, health coverage differences, and inheritance rights that are all denied to homosexual couples that would like to marry. All of these are essential parts of building a successful marriage in already difficult circumstances, and denial of these rights will only make things worse. Personal prejudices against homosexuals should not affect the rights that they are given, nor should they stop marriage between two people that love each other. .
             If our country does not allow same sex marriage, America is sending the message that it is ok to look down on and discriminate against the gay and lesbian community (Bassett). As a country that stands for our acceptance of all cultures and discourages discrimination, America is ruining its image of toleration and dislike of discrimination by not allowing same sex marriage. The United States of America is sending an obvious sign of discrimination towards the gay and lesbian community and is teaching ignorance and discrimination to our people. Allowing for same sex marriage would help remove discrimination felt by many in the gay and lesbian communities today.

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