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Gay Marriage

            Civil rights are the rights belonging to a person who is a citizen, which are guaranteed by U. Constitution which includes civil liberties, due process, equal protection of the laws, and freedom from discrimination. America prides itself in the idea of equal treatment for all. But, it is still only that- an idea. The civil rights issue which proves this to be true is the Gay Rights issues. Gay people are a part of American society yet they are not granted the same civil liberties that heterosexual's are granted (like the ability to marry). .
             Same sex marriages are not allowed in any state in the United States. Only Vermont legally recognizes same-sex couples by granting civil unions which make them eligible to benefits available to married couples. If America is the epitome of equality- then why are some of its citizens being denied the right to marry whomever they choose? The answer to this question is that most people fear what they do not understand.
             Gay marriage is seen is unclean or not right by many of the people who run the country. If this were not true, gay couples would be allowed to marry because the laws would enable them to. In a recent survey of 150 University of Central Florida students, over two-thirds said that gay marriages should be legal. Although the youth at this particular school may oppose what is law, 92% do not take any type of political action to make a change.
             The fight for gay rights is relatively new in comparison to other civil rights issues like African American rights. This issue has been in the public's eye for a very long time and much progress has been made but there is still a long road ahead. The only way that gay couples will be accepted is if enough people fight for the right of equal treatment guaranteed by the United States.
             Marriage for same sex couples should be legal because it would build on America's tradition of moving civil rights forward and erasing the inequities of the past.

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