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The Politics of Gay Marriage

            I have observed through news and media programs the emerging gay culture that will be the focus of my paper. The important question here is will gay marriage be accepted as a social norm? Here are the facts presented in articles and observations off media programs that demonstrate a widespread acceptance level among heterosexuals who have strong beliefs supporting gay marriages.
             More programs on television expose gay marriage and gay culture now than TV pilots running thirty years ago, like "Queer Eye for the Straight Gay, Will & Grace, and the first, Dynasty."" These programs were aired intending to reveal the realities of gay relationships that function similar to heterosexual relationships. The idea being communicated was not culture shock but a deeper underlying interpretation and understanding of gay culture in America. The initial response to these minority TV programs was perturbation at the graphic conventions in gay marriage/ relationships. What I found were changing attitudes adjusting appropriately on account of the growing conceptualization of gay culture in America. Moreover, will gay marriage now change the political arena because of the growing acceptance from mass media?.
             The answer to that is derivative of important issues concerning the policies in America's spirituality and government that more often than not tie closely together. My main question after reading an article over the recent Episcopal Church decision about the newly appointed Rev. Gene Robinson to Bishop of the New Hampshire Diocese is that should a gay Bishop serve a high church office? Or should these prejudices be challenged? In a UK survey contesting this controversial issue in America the results were astounding. In the survey, 34.7 per cent dissented gay people serving in a high church office while only 31.2 per cent agreed that the prospect of a gay bishop would be an excellent model that would serve as a challenge of prejudices against the gay population with a 22.

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