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Civil Rights

            Civil Rights and LibertiesThe issue of Civil Rights and Liberties in the Civil Rights Movement movie has great impact on American society, many years ago, as well as today.   Although I am not African American, I can easily relate to the struggle that many men and women of that race had to endure, only by placing myself in their shoes.   Putting myself in their position would immediately give me an understanding of how important the Civil Rights and Liberties I take for granted are.   Desegregation of schools would be a large issue for me because I would want the best education possible.   And as long as someone was denying me that, I wouldn't give up the fight until the war was over.   The right to vote, to be told that you aren't worthy of electing those who govern you, even though it says in the constitution that all men are created equal, would be another peril I would have to face.                         Without the right to vote, you are severely limited in your power.   Many different people have fought for the right to vote, including women.   This battle is always won because the constitution has laid the groundwork that every citizen has that right.   When that right is denied, it makes you angry, because you know it is your right while at the same time it is being denied to you.   Watching those young African Americans being hosed down while they were on their way to vote brought about a certain emotion.   An emotion that says, this is wrong.   You have to wonder if the people that have the right to vote and are taking it for granted even realize the heaviness of their actions.   If they realize that the only thing fueling the situation is hatred.   Even though the Civil Rights Act had been passed and the African Americans had the right to register, they were still being denied that. This brings about the issue that America needs to enforce it's laws and realize that all men are created equal.

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