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Why All of America Should Support Gay Marriage

            A debate is taking place across the country: Should the government.
             allow gay marriage in ALL 50 states? The answer to this well-known debate.
             is simply "yes." Marriage as it looked fifty years or so ago looked very different.
             to what marriage in America is shaping up to be now. If America says "no" to gay marriage, .
             then the "land of the free" that supposedly upholds the right of its citizens to follow the pursuit of happiness, in actuality, discriminates against people, denying them freedoms and the full pursuit of happiness. How can legislators say they are trying to "save traditional families" if more than 50 percent of of heterosexual marriages end in divorce? What DOES traditional marriage look like any more? Living in America, the land of the free, people who are homosexual should not get the short end of the stick. They are human just like heterosexual people and deserve the same rights.
             I believe my opinoin is morally respectable, no matter what my Catholic.
             upbringing tries to persuade me into believing. To have our government say who we.
             can and can't marry just isn't right. The government can't control love and.
             committment. The purpose of our government is to make decisions that will.
             benefit the entire country, not just individual people. We need to take our.
             personal preferences and beliefs out of the picture and make choices that give all a chance to equality.
             Allowing gay marriage is fair not only to homosexuals, but to all the.
             supporting people in their lives. If the United States' government allows gay marrige.
             in all states and gives the same rights to homosexuals couples that.
             heterosexual couples have, this does not mean were asking all homophobic people.
             to accept gays. Everyone has their own beliefs, and not a single law can.
             change that, but depriving people from their right to marriage to someone.
             they love and want to commit the rest of their lives to is not right. Does.

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