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gays and lesbians

            com used to be "Real News for Real Men." An article written by a supposed real man for the proposed real man in response to a recent ruling in the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court about gay marriages is the subject of this paper. Mark Charalambous" commentary, articulately entitled "Four Arguments against Gay Marriage," attempts to demonstrate the rationality of four irrational arguments against gay marriage which were prohibited for discussion by the state's Supreme Judicial Court's ruling as of November 18th, 2003. Among these arguments that Charalambous defends are the following: although homosexuality has been practiced and accepted since ancient times, homosexuals were never considered to be on the same level as or as an alternative to marriage and the biological family; the primary significance of marriage is sexual reproduction, an age old solution to survival; and gay parents pose more of a threat of nurturing homosexuality in children than straight parents do.#.
             Reviewing the article numerous times, I was positioned between aggravation and disappointment; it is unfathomable that the author of this commentary could actually be convinced by his support of these ludicrously weak and undeveloped arguments that gay marriage could easily jeopardize all of society. Furthermore, I felt insulted for the men whom this article was initially and audaciously directed to because, judging by the logic behind the piece, a real man would seem to be synonymous with an ignorant and idiotic man. The sagacity that evades Charalambous" commentary ignites my fierce opposition of his social position on the issue of gay marriage. .
             Charalambous proposes that despite homosexuality's place in history, "homosexual relationships were never considered equivalent, and never considered an alternative to marriage and the biological family."# There are several problems with the validity of this argument.

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