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Why Lesbians Are more Accepted Than Gay Men......

             Not masculine looking females, but beautiful feminine lesbians. It could possibly be all of society that has gotten into this new fad called lesbianism. Take a look at the latest television shows or movies, more than likely there will be some girl on girl action before the credits roll. Or if you go out and you see two women holding hands or walking arm in arm, no one thinks anything of it. But if two guys do it then it becomes disgusting and people start whispering "I think they might be gay.".
             No one seems to care or question women about their sexuality. It seems as though feminine lesbians, or just lesbians in general are more accepted in our society, than gay men. Sexual Orientation is a topic that is constantly talked about in our society. Whether someone is gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender will effect how heterosexuals treat them. The political cartoon by Craig Eyles is a perfect example of how lesbians are viewed thru the eyes of a straight man. Eyles successfully demonstrated that people are more accepting of lesbians than of gay men. .
             The setting of the text is a club scene, or a formal party. An average looking "Joe" smoking a cigarette and drinking a beverage goes up to a nice looking woman, and obviously tries to hook-up with her. She then tells him that she is a lesbian and the caption reads " you"re a lesbian? How nice, I"m a Pisces!" Maybe the fact that she is a lesbian intrigues him and wants to know more about her. There are many conclusions that can be drawn from that caption. The main claim though is people treat lesbians differently than they do gay men.
             Homosexual males in this day and age have been plagued with stereotypes. From being the source of certain diseases spreading, to being called offensive names. Openly gay men are constantly being discriminated against. Take the Boy Scouts of America for example, they do not allow openly gay men to be scoutmasters. This has been a very controversial and publicized topic.

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