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Why Gays and Lesbians Should Be Allowed to Adopt Children

            Why gays and lesbians should be allowed to adopt children.
             Everybody can agree that different controversial issues concerning the diverse society that we live in are increasing continually. At the same time, our views and believes on those issues are changing. Years ago, marriage between blacks and whites was illegal. People considered those relationships as immoral and wrong. Today, most people realize how ludicrous this idea was. Now, interracial marriages are normal and understandable by most societies. People have understood that whether she or he is black, white or yellow, it does not have any impact on their love. Similarly, nobody would think thirty years ago that the law may allow gay and lesbian couples to adopt. Today, lesbian and gay parenting is one of the most controversial issues in the USA. People are continually discussing whether same-sex couples deserve to be parents. .
             Even though most people can easily see that a person's sexual preference and his or her parenting abilities are two completely separate issues, it seems that those who think so are indeed a minority. Many people say that legalization of adoption by homosexuals is a "sick" idea. Some people are not sure which side they should take, and others fight for equal, same-sex parenting rights. Taking a deeper look into this issue, many opponents would change their minds. Therefore, in order to take a proper decision, people should know first relative pros and cons of issue. I believe that if people studied the inside of homosexual adopting issue, most of them would agree that homosexual adoption should be legalized. .
             After all, homosexual couples have made their own decisions, haven't they? Homosexual couples have chosen a way of life which, by definition alone, makes procreation impossible. Therefore, same-sex couples have found their own ways of having children. Some couples use in-vitro fertilization; others use sperm donors.

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