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Gays and the Right to Adopt

            You would thing that the United States would be the one country that would be all for allowing same-sex couples to adopt, but they are actually the worst when it comes to allowing this. The United States is the only country when allowing same-sex couples to adopt a difficult process. There are many kids who are waiting to be adopted and while they wait they are put into the foster care system. If every state in the United States allowed for same-sex adoption the rate of children in foster care would drop at a very high rate. Some states allow for one parent to adopt the child and that just makes the process a lot harder on both who want to become parents. One of the main causes is based on religion. Many believe that a child should be raised by a mother and a father, and if not that they could end up liking the same-sex because they see there parents doing it or they could not be as feminine or masculine if raised by the opposite sex. Many studies have been done trying to prove any of these theories. .
             Looking more into it they are looking at the family structure and how having same-sex parents effect the children. Many have taken the time to prove how it effects children who have same-sex parents. They are looking to see how the children end up being raised by either heterosexual adoptive parents or same-sex adoptive parents. They are taking children who are around the age of children in preschool and going to keep an eye on them for years to see how much it effects the children. The study shows children and the way they act. In there studies it shows that children use gender based toys and what they choose to play with boys choosing masculine stereotyped and girls choosing a more feminine stereotyped toy. So in the study it doesn't prove that boys would be more feminine and girls would be more masculine having the opposite sex as there parents. Therefore when people are trying to argue that having same-sex parents effects the behavior of kids and there choices it doesn't.

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