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One Step at a Time - Gay Marriage

            For years now, the fight for gays rights have risen to a very high peek. It has been a very controversial topic for many years now. The gay community was rights such as the right to marriage, or the right to adopt a child with their partner. Throughout the whole gay movement, there has been many people for gay rights. They are the strong supporters that try to help out the gay community, in ways such as protesting and creating petitions. But there are other people that aren't for gay rights, instead of helping the gay community they also start their own protests against all gay rights. The government also has their part in helping out the gay community, or vice versa, not helping them out. Gays seem to keep growing stronger, they show this by having their own festivals, parades, clubs, and parties. Gays hope to have the same rights as any other person in this country. .
             Gay marriage has been an argument amongst the community, congress, and presidents for decades now. The history of gay marriage, goes back all the way to the 1970's. What happened in 1970? There was a couple, they went to apply for a marriage license but were denied, because of the reason they were both male. This couple took the case to the Supreme Court, but the Supreme Court over ruled their argument. They told the couple that marriage was supposed to be between a man and a women. Three years later, Maryland became the first state to ban same sex marriage. They claimed that only heterosexual couples were allowed to marry in their state. .
             Going forward another 3 years, there was another big event. In Northwest Washington, there was couple that wanted to get married, and there was a lot of talk of these two, not because they wanted to get married because they were denied the blessing of the Episcopal Church. This is one of the first examples that shows that churches were against gay marriage. But gays would not stop fighting for their rights, on October 10th, 1987, gays and lesbians were a part of the largest mass wedding in American history.

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