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Same-sex Marriages

             Same-sex marriage is a big issue in the United States and in some countries around the world. Nowadays, saying that someone is a "gay or lesbian" is like a familiar joke among people. It is known that in every country around the world there are "gay or lesbian" people. Hawaii is the only state that legalizes same-sex marriages, and many other states are considering legalizing it. This may occur in the US because of the high percentage of gays and lesbians. Same-sex marriages should not be legalized because it represents huge change and damage to society and to the essence and meaning of marriage. .
             Legalizing same-sex marriages will change completely the whole society. It will cause sex confusion to young people who will not know if they are heterosexual or homosexual. The percentages of homosexual people will increase if same-sex marriages is allowed. If same-sex marriages is right, children from school will learn that is equally acceptable to marry a person with the same or different sex. This implies that it is completely right and recognized by the law that man can marry another man. .
             Being taught that same-sex marriages is legal, students will freely choose for their partner a heterosexual or homosexual person. Many families will not accept that their child could be a homosexual person and that he can marry another with the same sex. For this reason, it is going to be a big war between the families who are for and against this point because most of the families in the United States are against this position. If a same-sex marriage is legal, young people will confuse which way -being homosexual or heterosexual- to take in life. Therefore, being a homosexual may be a role-model.
             Children adoption will be a big issue in same-sex couples who want to adopt children. The child adopted may be in the future the same as his/her parent. It may be better for a child to be raised by a heterosexual couple according with many researches on human behavior.

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