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            Marriage: Is it a bond, love or just living together?.
             Marriage is the institution whereby men and women are joined in a special kind of social and legal dependence for the purpose of founding and maintaining a family. To some people, marriage is bond between two people and to some it's a commitment. Also, there are many important issues discussed in public policy today. One of the issues is same-sex marriage, which is important because it deals with a relatively large minority of the United States. This essays spots light on opinions of general public on regular and same sex marriages.
             The survey I gave to general public was asking opinions on regular and same-sex marriages. About seventy percent of the people who took my survey were in there mid 20s and the rest in mid 40s and 30s. Some of them gave information about their own or family marriage history. From the survey, I figured that ten percent of them are married, them percent is married and divorced, fifty percent of them are single and rest thirty percent of the people didn"t reveal their marital status. .
             The third question from section one, asked about a small definition of marriage? Everyone, who took my survey, described marriage in his or her appropriate way, but one thing was similar in all opinions. No matter how they defined it; their focus was that marriage is commitment and/or bond between two people. .
             The fourth question in section one was if same-sex marriages should be made legal worldwide? About forty percent of the survey takers agreed to it, " if that is their preference then they should be allowed to get married."(6). Another forty percent gave an undecided answer and they had germane reasons to sustain it and twenty percent of them solidly disagreed. .
             The first question in section two, is that, should marriages be the result of a relationship where people think they love each other truly? About eighty percent of the people agreed to the fact that marriage should be the result of the relationship where people feel they love each other truly.

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