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Marriage Equality

            Same-sex marriage has been argued and protested over for many years. While many are against same-sex marriage, many more are pro-gay marriage. Although same-sex marriage is not a matter of politics, it has become a fight for one of America's most acknowledged constitutional right. The fourteenth amendment guarantees equal protection and due process of the law to all U.S. citizens, therefore many fight for what they believe to constitutional. Same-sex marriage has been argues as an unconstitutional and has come about court rulings, lawsuits and legislations. Today more than half of America accepts gay marriage, but not all states allow or respect same-sex marriage or conduct.
             The argument of weather same-sex marriage is constitutional or not has become a large issue. In 1967, the case of Loving and Virginia, the Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional all laws that restricted marriage based only on race, but now there is a larger constitutional problem with same-sex marriage. In 1988, most of the U.S. population said no to same-sex marriage becoming legal. Thirty-five states now have legal rights for same-sex couples to become married. Arguments to weather same-sex marriage is constitutional or not have led to protesting, petitions and court rulings.
             States do not have complete freedom to decide who may and may not marry, but they raise fundamental issues about equality of political and public standing, in February of 2014, U.S. District Court Judge ruled that laws in Texas prohibiting same-sex marriage are unconstitutional. Many case rulings were also of same-sex couples who married in a different state and moved to states similar to Texas where restricted to only opposite-sex marriages. Not only is there an issue with same-sex marriages but also with same-sex divorce when the same-sex marriage is banned. Lambda Legal Staff Attorney Paul Castillo filled a friend-of-the-court brief asking the Texas Supreme Court to allow same-sex couples to get divorced.

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