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Gay Marriages

             Gay & Lesbian Marriages: Should they be Legal?.
             With all of the media coverage and the controversy in California approving the legal marriages between gay and lesbian couples, its no wonder why literally thousands of couples young and old flocked to the state to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity for legal unity between the ones they chose to love. No one should be denied the legal right to be married just because of their sexual preference. This has been the major topic of debate in society for years.
             For years, opponents of gay and lesbian relationships have made comments such as "If they wanted to they could fall in love with someone of the opposite sex, and just stop being gay". But in fact, love is love. No one can tell someone else who or what to love or that what and how they feel about someone is not real. Or just because the love is between what some societies deems as "un-normal" such as relationships or the love between two women or men is mattered or valued as much as what some close minded, old-fashioned individuals think is considered normal or "Freakish". Love isn't a planned .
             thing and true love just happens, regardless if it is between a man and woman, a man and man or between two women. Everyone has preferences as to whom and why they are attracted to someone else. Some people like tall men or slender women, some like girls with big breasts or big bottoms, some look for a persons financial assets or what color some ones hair or eyes are and with gay and lesbian couple, all of those things still apply but they just happen to be of the same sex. It's human nature to look and like and eventually fall in love. It's the individual choices that we make that effect us for the rest of our lives. And most of us make choices that we believe are in our best interest, regardless of what society thinks or believes is considered "the norm".

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