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Same-sex marriages

            "Mommy, why are there two men over there kissing?" This may be becoming one question that a child may ask more frequently now that gay marriages are becoming more "acceptable." Many people find this topic to be extremely controversial. Because America is known as the land of the free, which goes hand in hand with the freedom to choose which sex you prefer is entitled to you. However, when marriage factors into this arrangement many people voice their opinion on how it's morally wrong. Then people ask the question "what if they decide to want of have kids, do they have the right to adopt? Should they be entitled to that? Raising a child in that kind of atmosphere, is that fair to the child?" Being homosexual you may feel as though it is your right to express your love for the same sex, and it's true, that is your right. On the other hand, many people may take offense when they see same-sex couples together and make obscene gestures or negative comments. Britain today has taken the first step towards same-sex marriages. However, same-sex couples do not have the same options available to them when they decided to become married. For instance, religious or civil ceremonies are not an option for them to choose from. Their choices if they do decide to make their love for each other official are limited.
             Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted to grow up and find a husband lucky enough to marry me. However, I never pictured that two females or two males exchanging vows would be accepted by some people throughout my lifetime. Times are changing and currently there is the argument on whether or not "gay marriage" should be allowed to happen. My opinion on this matter is that gay or lesbian couples happiness should not depend on someone else's morals or someone else's religious background. I do believe that everyone has the right to be happy for their own reasons, not to please someone else.

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