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Gays, Lesbians, Transsexuals And Transvestites

            Over the past twenty years, the acceptance of homosexuality and positive change for gay right movements has steadily grown. Currently, "50% of Americans say society should accept homosexuality." Our society and government strive so hard for equality yet discriminate against gays and lesbians. I think homosexuals should have the right to choose their own happiness and path of life. Another person's preferences and attractions should not be criticized by others. Individuality is an important aspect of our society and gays and lesbians should not be persecuted for their beliefs, morals or values they choose to uphold. The disapproval of gays and lesbians stems from ignorance, being deviant from the norm, the need to prove manhood, hate and decades of conditioning. .
             I am not a discriminatory person and therefore do not treat gays and lesbians, differently than others. Although I may not agree with everything they do, there is no reason to treat homosexuals with disrespect. I know many gay men and a few lesbians and support their decisions to date and love whoever makes them happy. Frankly, I was a little taken back the first time I saw one of my best friends, who is gay, kiss his boyfriend. It is difficult to alter your conditioned mind to be open and understanding. Lesbians are more of a sensitive issue for me, opposed to gay men. I think I would be uncomfortable around lesbians displaying affection towards one another. I do not like to offend or hurt people and I think my feelings of shock and awkwardness would be apparent on my face. I do not have a phobia against lesbians and would be a friend to them just as I am to everyone else. .
             Gays and lesbians do not treat me any different than any other person in society. Gay men are friendly with me and always ask me to go shopping with them. I love to shop, especially with my gay friends because they definitely have a great style. Sometimes, gays and lesbians may not respond as well to heterosexuals as they do homosexuals because they may feel we do not truly understand them.

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