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America and Gay Marriage

            Three weeks ago, American government legalized gay marriage. Till June 26th 2015, North America become the first continent which admit gay marriage. Of course, there are still some existing opposition. In the discussion of gay marriage, one controversial issue is whether the gay marriage is an unnatural behavior or not. On the one hand, some argue that gay marriage is quite different form the norm, and that it totally violates normal marriage traditions. On the other hand, others contend that gay marriage does not hurt anyone, and that it gives gays and lesbians the same marriage rights as the other people. Some even maintain that the government should legalize marriage between humans and the objects. (That really happens in Japan that there is a man who married with his shower rose.) My own view is that gay marriage is a key to the development of human rights and freedom. An essay "Our Mutual Joy: The Religious Case for Gay Marriage" written by Lisa Miller is about the gay marriage. The essay explains the reasons that people against gay marriage are the tradition and culture that make people deny the gay marriage. In this paper, I will discuss that gay marriage is needed to be accepted and it will be legalized all over the world. .
             First of all, some people use religious reasons to against gay marriage, but actually there is no paper or rule that explicitly oppose gay marriage. In the essay, Miller explains in Bible, there is no real word or sentence say that the gay marriage is unacceptable. She complains that, "Religious objections to gay marriage are rooted not in the Bible at all, then, but in custom and tradition(and, to talk turkey for a minute, a personal discomfort with gay sex that transcends theological argument)."(652). Obviously, Miller mentions that the Bible never oppose the gay marriage. Gay marriage is a new and different event for people all over the world.

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