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Gay Marriage and Basic Human Rights

            Within the past decade same sex marriage seems to have become more of a problem to people, than it is just a natural want for humans. When the phrase same sex marriage is said, youre likely to get one of three reactions. There is the homophobic reaction, the pro gay reaction, and then the reaction of someone who just doesnt care about the matter. Currently there are 35 states that allow same sex marriage. If you were to ask someone why they disagree with same sex marriage they may say its wrong and unnatural but homosexuals are till human and deserve to be treated as such.
             Same sex marriage has escalated into a good argument starter in recent years. But what I dont understand is why. Is there anything wrong with someone wanting to be legally wed due to something that they do not have control over? Some homophobic people they would rather die than see a man marry a man, or a woman marry a woman. The Constitution states that by being citizens of the United States we are all given rights. We have heard them all, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc. But one thing I believe people have forgotten, or just dont care to realize, that we are taking away the rights of other hard working citizens just because some of us dont approve of who they are attracted to. Even though the Constitution does not mention marriage, I believe humans should respect the wishes of other people. .
             One thing I believe humans have forgotten is that just because someone is gay, doesnt mean they are not still human. According to a gay news service in Europe called Pink News, citizens in Russia have committed some of the most brutal attacks against homosexuals. Not only have gay clubs been attacked with harmful gasses, but they have also threatened users of gay chat apps with arrest. On top of all of this, there are gangs in Russia that hunt down homosexuals. Pink News said, A reporter named Liz MacKean got inside the St Petersburg branch of Occupy Paedophilia, an anti-gay organization with at least 37 chapters across Russia.

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