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The Legalization of Same Sex Marriage

            In discussions of "Should Gay Marriage be Legal", one controversial issue has been that, marriage is defined us a union between a man and a woman. On the one hand, the church argues that the Bible even states marriage is a union between a man and woman. On the other hand, the Supreme Court contends in 'Loving V. Virginia' that marriage is "one of the basic civil rights of man" (US Supreme Court, Loving v. Virginia, law.cornell.edu, June 12, 1967, Sept 16th 2014.) My view is that all peoples should be allowed to marry regardless of whether it is man/woman, man/man, woman/woman or transgender. We should not base our argument in opposition on laws passed nearly 50 years ago, or a book written thousands of years ago. We are in a new era and people should be able to make choices based on their own beliefs, wants and desires, without The Radical Right, The Church or anyone else telling them what to do. While the opposing side is certainly entitled to their opinion, I think it is outdated and archaic, and frankly rather close minded. Who are we to tell someone else that just because they want a union between same sexes that it is not allowed?.
             We consider ourselves a progressive forward thinking society yet we attempt to use laws that are out dated and bible scripture that predates the modern world. How is this a fair and accurate representation of the knowledge we have gained since then? As of 2013 "53% of all Americans think gay marriage should be legalized" (Caitlin Stark and Amy Roberts, "By the numbers: Same-sex marriage" CNN Library, August 2013, Sept 16th 2014.) Our government was created by the people and for the people's interest. So if the majority at 53% feel gay marriage should be legalized, why does it feel like the minority is running the show? As time progress the Ban on gay marriage is being struck down state by state. Our nation's capital legalized gay marriage 4 years ago, (Ian Urbina "Gay Marriage is Legal in U.

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