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Legality Of Same Sex Marriages

             Marriage is much more than a commitment to love one another. Aside from societal and religious conventions, marriage entails legally imposed financial responsibility and legally authorized financial benefits. Marriage instantly provides an automatic legal succession of a deceased spouse's property, as well as pension and benefits, and as well as promise in the eyes of each other. No law should prohibit a couple's request for marriage merely because they are of the same gender. .
             Homosexuals should have the same rights in housing, jobs, public accommodations, and should have equal access to government benefits, and equal protection of the law. They are people just like us. People fail to realize the values that gay couples exhibit in their daily lives are often indistinguishable from those of their straight neighbors. They"re loyal to their mates, are monogamous, and devoted partners. They value and participate in family life, are committed to making their neighborhoods safer and better places to live, and they honor and abide by the law. Many volunteer in their community and make valuable contributions. Like many of us they are trying to be good citizens.
             Additionally, many people continue to believe that homosexuality is about nothing but sex. People consider being gay merely a sexual perversion. The reality is that homosexuality is just like many healthy heterosexual relationships, and is much more about love and affection than it is about sex. Gay relationships are based on mutual attraction, love and affection. Sex is a means of expressing that love, just the same as it is for heterosexuals. Being gay is much more profound than simply a sexual relationship; being gay is part of that person's core identity and goes right to the very center of his or her being.
             Marriage is an institution between one man and one woman. That is the argument most often heard of, yet it is easily the weakest.

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