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Same-Sex Marriages/Civil Unions

             The subject of same-sex marriages and civil unions is a highly controversial subject, yet the only answer, without a doubt, is that they should be legalized. Same-sex marriages are the right for homosexual couples to marry and receive all of the benefits that heterosexual couples receive. There are a few states in the United States of America that accept or even allow the marriage licenses of a homosexual union. The issue of marriage benefits is one of the most important reasons why same-sex marriages and civil unions should be legalized. The rights for a spouse to have medical leave, bereavement, custody of a child, tax breaks, pension etc. is currently denied to homosexual couples without the ability to marry, and that is highly unfair. There are also many moral and legal issues that affect this case. The government's refusal to recognize same-sex marriages and civil unions is discrimination masquerading as morality. Finally, there is a wall of separation between church and state and this needs to be recognized. The First Amendment clearly states this, and therefore religious policies should not effect the decision of a legal issue.
             The issue of marriage benefits is one of the most important reasons why same-sex marriages should be legalized. A same-sex couple can be together for five decades, yet if one of the couple becomes sick, the partner may not be able to visit the other in the hospital, or inform the hospital staff of the other's medical wishes. A heterosexual couple that is legally recognized has the right to involve it's spouse and children into its health plan, adopt a child, have bereavement leave when a spouse dies, and even receive tax breaks for no other reason that just being legally recognized. Without the legal right to marry, same-sex couples do not have rights like family health coverage, medical and bereavement leave, child custody, tax benefits and pension plans.

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