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People are Different, but Love is the Same

            People are Different, but Love is the Same.
             Regardless of one's feelings about gay courtship's, the fact is that they are happening everyday. There are also children of every age out in the world looking for a place to call home at the end of each day. The issue of gay couple adoption is a heated one, but it is necessary to explore the facts about the children who need homes, couples who want to raise children, and the truths about the positive outcomes of same-sex adoptions as opposed to no adoptions at all. There are always radicals on both sides constantly arguing with the other about creating, permitting or removing laws based on the legal, moral and religious aspects of the topic, but in reality many more good things come out of same-sex adoptions than bad.
             Adoption is nothing new to the United States. It is a procedure that has been going on for decades to better the lives of children in need. Most people would agree that no child, if willingly adopted by interested parents, should be excluded from the opportunity to have a home and a loving environment. When a child is hurt and in need of love and affection, they can find this in the most unusual of places. Often times they imagine themselves in a warm home with possessions they can call their own. They wish for a steady, reliable environment and for attention they would never receive in group homes or out on the streets. Far too many children in the world today have no place to call home, while .
             on the other side of the fence many suitable adults are standing with open arms. Society's solution to the overabundance of needy children was the creation of foster, or group homes. While helpful for short amounts of time, foster homes are in fact quite traumatizing for children. Children often feel that they are being juggled back and forth in a system that doesn't want them, and that they can never form true bonds with anyone they meet for fear of leaving them at a moment's notice.

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