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Multiple Love

            Love, connection, closeness, relationship, bond, intimacy, understanding, care for, familiarity, attachment, find irresistible. These are all words that show how people feel about anything, and in this case, books. I would have to say that I myself have never had a real relationship with a book whereas some others have had one or many. It is up to the reader in this case on how they feel towards a piece of work or how they connect themselves to a particular way to a book. .
             I believe in this concept of there being "more than one way to love a person, so is there more than one way to love a book" (Fadiman 87). I can relate to each section of this statement in different, yet alike, ways. .
             Loving a person comes with time same as loving a book. Some people I would say fall in love faster than others in both circumstances but either way, there is a connection found there. I for instance fell in love with someone right away, not terribly long after meeting. It took awhile to get to know that person just like it takes awhile to feel what the author of a book is saying. Once it's felt, it is all over. You"re taken in by that force, that emotion and locked there for the time being. I have read books where as soon as I read the first paragraphs I would know if I"d like it or not. That is the same case with people. You know how you feel about someone not long after meeting them. You form a conclusion from that moment that will determine how you feel and express yourself to them in the future. I do the same thing with a book. If I start reading it and don't feel something grabbing at me saying, "Read me, read me, I"m good!", then there's not anything there, no feeling, no desire to read on. In some instances I have no choice but to read and in those cases I simply grin and bare it. But for what its worth everything has a way of creeping up and acclimates itself to you no matter how hard you fight it.

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