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Multiple Intelligence

             As an elementary school teacher, I will not have an entire class that thinks, learns and behaves the same exact way. If I did, teaching might be easier but I tend to think that not only would my classroom atmosphere but life in general would be very boring. I thrive on differences and love to see everyone excel in their own way, mainly because I feel like growing up, my schooling was very structured and left little room for true intelligence to reveal itself. I am one of those people who loves reading but absolutely hates reading textbooks regardless of the subject and find having to sit still to listen to a lecture, read or memorize anything is the worst possible thing I could do with my time. I have always done okay in school but I have always thought that if my teachers would just let me demonstrate in some other way besides taking a standardized test or copying down notes for hours at a time, I could finally have the grades that resembled the expectations I have for myself. I chose to do this portfolio on Multiple Intelligence because I find the different levels of intelligence very fascinating.
             What I Have Learned.
             In schools today, intelligence seems to be measured mostly by tests. There is the Stanford-Binet test that measures your I.Q. and the popular multiple choice, true/false, essay tests that really test a person's ability to memorize rather than how much they have learned. According to a website called "Traditional Intelligence Theories," it states that a correct response on a limited response assessment test, such as fill in the blank, demonstrates a student's knowledge of the "facts" but does little to help students understand the subject. Most students can rarely explain why they chose the answer they did beyond the fact that they had memorized that it was the right answer.

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