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The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

            How do interpersonal intelligence and, logical-mathematical intelligence work together to ones advantage? In, Howard Gardners "The Theory of Multiple Intelligences" he describes both spatial and mathematical-logical intelligence (513-516). I have always considered myself to be smarter then average. My two strongest intelligences are my mathematical-logical, spatial intelligence. Even with out previously knowing about any of these different types of intelligence I use them all daily in my field of work with industrial mechanics.
             After graduating high school my first job offer was working as an equipment operator. For months I would operate the same machines and without even trying I was learning so much about them. At times equipment would brake down, and a maintenance technician would be called. Usually by the time the tech would show I would already have the issue resolved and explain what I did. When the tech would ask me who taught me, or how I knew so much with out any mechanical experience I laughed. My spatial intelligence was responsible; by simply being aware of my surroundings could literally troubleshoot my own equipment. One day a robotic sorting machine had a main drive chain brake down. When I arrived the first thing noticeable was tiny metal shavings along the framework that was supporting the chain. The shavings had come from a loose bolt that was rubbing along the chain wearing it down thin enough to break, and fixing the root cause of the equipment failure. Not long after my time with operations I was offered a technician position. I was able to excel faster then anyone else in my department just for the fact that I could notice what others could not. I couldn't explain how every component worked individually, but I could explain how it worked in sequence as a whole. With knowing how just how something should work I could troubleshoot possible defective components to resolve mechanical issues.

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