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Multiple Intelligences And Nature Vs. Nurture Debate

            Almost all in this society has heard of the term intelligence. And probably used it in their daily language, in school at work et cetera. But were does intelligence come from? And what types of intelligence are there? All facts considered there have to be different forms of intelligence, for example a kid who is a genius at composing music might not be that good at solving math problems although his proven talents. .
             Multiple Intelligences.
             At first glance there is apparent that many psychologists have concluded their own theory of what intelligence is, and how it should be tested. But when I looked in to the matter there was one form that continually came up. Intelligence is divided into seven different styles of intelligence: linguistic, logical/mathematical, spatial, music, bodily/kinaesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal learner. And depending on what your abilities are you the strongest in you therefore are the most intelligent in that area of knowledge. Howard Gardner's Seven Intelligences: .
             Linguistic Intelligence.
             • Likes to: read, write and tell stories. .
             • Is good at: memorising names, places, dates and trivia. .
             • Learns best by: saying, hearing and seeing words. .
             The first type of intelligence is linguistic intelligence, the intelligence of words. It's the intelligence of the journalist, storyteller, and lawyer. People who are smart in this area can argue, persuade, entertain, or instruct effectively through the spoken word. They love to play around with sounds of languages through word games and tongue twisters. They are often trivia experts because of their ability to retain facts in their mind. Some may be masters of literacy. Many linguistically intelligent people read voraciously, write clearly, and gain meaning in other ways from the medium of print.
             Logical/Mathematical Intelligence.
             • Likes to: do experiments, figure things out, work with numbers, ask questions and explore patterns and relationships.

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