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Nature Vs. Nurture

             nurture controversy has gone on for many years and is presently still going on. I personally don't have a set opinion on one but I strongly think that nurture has a big part in who we'll be when we get older. But however nature and nurture combined makes us who we are. I Nurture is more important in parenting children but once they are reached there teens or older nature is more important. .
             Nurture: - Providing love, support, attention, and Encouragement .
             What would we be in today's society without our parents or guardians giving us the proper environment, care, support, and love each child deserves to have. Giving a child feeling of confidence and self-worthiness helps them grow, learn and develop socially. Early childhood experience is crucial. Every time a care-giver interacts with an infant or toddler connections are formed. Positive interactions with nurturing caregivers like the attention children receive when they are read to profoundly stimulates the young brains. Young children have a tremendous capability to learn from the moment they are born, but however development hinges on the experiences provided for them by the adults who take care of them. Researchers in Canada who have study the positive effects of nurture have tested baby rats whose other gave them more attention and found they learn more easily and nature-genetic differences are difficult to change but however it was found nurturing differences are easy to change. .
             Now a days we are judged on our environment and what we look like. We are always prejudged when we go to school and we show signs of attitude or being unclean it is linked back to our parent's . We are also judged while applying for a job. If a child had been born with the genes for any kind of work related skills would it be recognized with a child applying for the job in the wrong clothing and representing themselves as unclean? Automatically the child would be judged by their appearance before you would be judged on their work level and what you could contribute to the company.

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