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Nature vs nurture

             Do people inherit traits from their parents and families or are these traits formed throughout life? Which one is more strong nature or nurture? These questions have created a very heated debate among people for many years. "Many arguments have been made by highly accredited scientists from almost any angle you can imagine to demonstrate how the current research shows that one particular idea is more correct than an opposing theory" (Fulkerson). Most people support one side of the argument. There are also people like me who support both sides of the argument, people who see both point of views and see how they relate. Looking at both points of views I think the term "Nature via Nurture" is highly more acceptable because both nature as well as nurture plays a great role in the development of an individual. There cannot exist nurture if there is not nature. .
             There are many hard questions such as: Are criminals born or made? Is homosexuality a preference or a predisposition? Do IQ tests measure innate abilities or acquired skills? The Nature theory supporters would say that there are genes passed from parents to children that determine all these behaviors. We accept that genes determine our color eye, height, blood type and other physical characteristics, so it makes sense to say that genes can also determine our tendency towards certain traits like violence or homosexuality. According to an article published in the Economist in 1992 "a Danish study of children of criminals adopted into normal households lends some support to the idea that a recidivist criminal's son is more likely to be a criminal than other sons brought up in the same household". There are many studies that show the importance of nature over nurture, especially those done with identical twins. One of the most important organizations, the Minnesota Study of Twins Reared Apart (MSTRA) tells you, .
             "how two identical twins were reunited after one was raised a Nazi and the other a Jew, but both were remarkably wearing blue shirts with two breast pockets they day they met, both flushed the toilet before and after they used it, and both enjoyed sneezing suddenly in elevators to scare other passengers.

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