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Nature vs Nurture

            Nature or nurture? The media reports numerous acts of violence every day, for example, in 1998, a 15-year-old boy in a small Oregon town took a gun to school one day and randomly opened fire on a crowded cafeteria. Was this horrific act a product of nurture or nature? This individual was supposedly raised in a loving, supportive, two-parent home with a strong moral upbringing, yet his obsession with weapons and violence may have led to this tragedy. It is possible that Kip Kinkle was exposed to a great deal of violence on television and in the media, but it is also likely that, due to a glitch in his "mainframe", he was predisposed to violence, hence the attraction to it. If media exposure is to blame, then it is conceivable to assume that all children will eventually display similar behavior.
             I think both sides of the nature vs. nurture issue are correct to varying degrees depending on the issue. Obviously we are not able to change our height, shoe size, or natural hair color, but if we are plagued with a trait that is not considered "normal" that we want to change and have the ability to do so, by all means we should. It comes down to what is in our entire character makeup, and our ability to overcome the negative influences of our environment and take steps to modify the glitches in our personalities, that determines who and how we are. .
             The debate about Nature vs. Nurture has gone on for many years. No one is sure or has been able to paint a clear picture of which one plays a larger role in the development and use of our mental abilities. .

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