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Only Child Versus Multiple Children

             There are several comparisons to having one child versus multiple children. The benefits of being the only child includes; more one on one time with the parents, always having mom and dad to them selves, and being completely spoiled rotten. When a child is by itself they have individual time with their parents at a moments notice. That is very important, since parents and children need to be able to communicate easily. If they have that one on one time it can be very beneficial to the child and the parents. The child also has mom and dad to themselves. They do not have to share the attention with any siblings. This can however, pose a serious problem with sharing. A child may not have to share toys, conversations and, quality time with others. This can lead to the child becoming extremely spoiled. This can lead to a child becoming very ungrateful and once again selfish. On the other hand having siblings can be both a great and miserable thing. When a child has a sibling they always have some one to play with or argue with. This can lead to many nerve racking days for mom and dad. It will also give them a lifelong companion that they can grow up with and share things with. They also have someone to share all of their daily chores. There are several similarities of having both an only child and multiple children. Such similarities include teaching the children through their own experience the value of unconditional love. All children learn this at some point in life; some children with siblings tend to understand this at an earlier age. There is never a clear-cut answer in which way to travel on your journeys of becoming a parent. The best advice I have ever gotten is to put your faith in God. That is where your direction should lie. These are just a few of the examples in the comparison of having one child or multiple children.

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