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Teen Pregnancy and Foster Care

             There is not much known about what happens to adolescents who are faced with certain obstacles in foster care. There are a few studies that have examined the impact of adolescent pregnancy in foster care in multiple placements. Adolescent pregnancy is something that is seen as normal, because it is happening everywhere. This study is done to understand why adolescents in foster care, who come from a background of being placed within multiple homes are seriously affected by high pregnancy rates. It examines not only placements, but as well as family history, problems, and whether or not they are being taught the important information on sex. The study also examines what are the different risk factors and what determine adolescents to engage in sexual intercourse that leads to pregnancy. The study will examine the outcomes of teen pregnancy in foster care and how they can be worse for adolescent mothers who are in the system rather than adolescents who are not. The study is designed to try to figure out how can we find a way study methods that may help to lower the rates of adolescent pregnancy in foster care and multiple placements for these girls.
             Key Words: Young mothers, teen pregnancy, pregnancy prevention, teen births, and foster care .
             One-third of the approximate 460,000 children in the foster care system are between the ages of thirteen and eighteen years (Geiger & Schelbe,2014,p.26). Each year, a significant number of adolescents become pregnant in the United States (Geiger & Schelbe,2014,p.25).There is an estimate of one in six girls in the United States who give birth before they even reach the age of twenty (Manlove et al.,2011,p.1). Recent estimates show that adolescents in the foster care system at an elevated risk for pregnancy, with more than fifty percent of female youth in foster care having been pregnant at least once before the age of nineteen years, compared with twenty seven percent of the general population(Geiger & Schelbe,2014,p.

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