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Row vs. Wade - Logic, Religion and Science

            In 1970, Jane Roe, a pregnant single woman, sued the state of Texas because of their anti-abortion laws. The court ruled in favor of Roe, however, that didn't stop the national debate about the legality of abortion. This debate created national news and is still a hot topic. Even though this argument has no easy answer, the only constitutional and logical answer to this debate is women should have the right to control their body and choose what they think is right for their life and their fetus's life. .
             This debate has no black and white answer. Some might argue that abortion is murder because it is the killing of a live person. According to the basics of biology definition of life, "life begins at fertilization" (When Does Human Life Begin?). This shows that if you abort a baby after the egg has been fertilized then it is the killing of a human being, which is murder. Many people also say the start of human life is at the first heartbeat. Since "most abortions are obtained within the first trimester" and at 6 weeks, "a pipe-shaped heart begins to form and beat" (Women Who Have Abortions) (Week 6: The Heart Begins to Beat). This means that abortions usually happen after the heart starts to beat meaning that it is the killing of a living person. Because of this, abortion is actually murder. .
             However, the actual definition of this word provides a different side of abortion. According to Webster's Dictionary, the definition is "the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another." First, the word "unlawful" is an incorrect word to describe abortion. According to Tom Head, "abortion is legal in every state" which means that it is legal and not unlawful. This shows that the definition of murder does not apply to abortion. Another statement that is debatable in the definition of murder is that is the killing of one human by another.

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