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Comparing Religion and Science

            Since the 17th century European renaissance, the debate about the relationship between religion and science has never been put to a rest. Even today, there are a diversity of theory describing the relationship between those two fields. Although different models of this relationship were supported by different philosophers, theologians, scientists, and others, and they are co-existing with each other, no one really has the ability to prove which model is more accurate and superior. Accordingly, this essay was written at the aim of expressing my own opinion in concerning to this ongoing debate. .
             First of all, in order to carefully examine the relationship between science and religion, we have to explain what science and religion really are. In my opinion, science is both a gathering of knowledge of nature and a process to gain the ken of the universe we live in, and religion is, which I believe as after reading "the crowd", an organized system of beliefs, practices, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods, and the answers to the propose whereas the standard definition of religion is absent. Science and religion are often procced in a vastly dissimilar way; science is trying to understand the world by understanding the fragment of the world, and religion is trying to understand the world as a whole. However, they are "all offering interpretations of experience." (51, Blackwell), and are trying to make sense of the world and its activities. Both science and religion lack the ability to claim to give a total account of reality. Both have certain advantages. Since science is based on experiments which seek in evidence, it may reflect the most granted reality; religion is able to provide a moral foundation to the entire society. Of course, both science and religion have their own weaknesses. For instance, many religions require their worshippers to believe and devote without questioning and valid evidence; religions lack the ability to prove the existence of the God.

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