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Creation Science vs. Evolution Theory

            In American schools children are taught many things ranging from language to mathematics. One of the fundamental truths that all students are taught is that there are laws governing behavior. The students are taught the laws of multiplication, the laws of grammar, and most importantly the laws in the United States constitution. In science, children are currently taught the theory of evolution. One of the most important lessons taught in science is that any hypothesis or theory must be able to be tested. According to the National Academy of Sciences, a scientific theory is "a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that can incorporate facts, laws, inferences, and tested hypotheses." Evolutionism can continuously be proved or disproved through new research. Creation science does not meet these requirements set forth by the scientific community. Not only does Creation science not pass for science, it must not be taught in schools because the constitution clearly separates church matters from state matters.
             Creation science fails to follow the guidelines defining scientific theory. These guidelines are 1.) It is guided by natural law, 2.) It has to be explained in reference to natural law, 3.) It is testable against the empirical world, 4.) Its conclusions are not considered the "final word", 5.) It is falsifiable. Creation science does not meet any of these requirements. First, Creation science is not guided by natural law, but are taken straight from the Book of Genesis. Creation science does not take data and compare it to opposing data to reach a conclusion. Secondly, scientific theory must be able to be revised or even falsified. Among the problems Creation science creates in the academic environment is the foreclosure of scientific inquiry. The main principle behind Creation science is not the law of science, but divinity. A divine explanation is not subject to experiment, it cannot be proved untrue, it cannot be disputed by any human scientific means.

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