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Creationism vs. Evolution

            One of the greatest unsolved mysteries in the world is, "Where did humans come from?" This should be an interesting point of discussion because, who wouldn't want to know how humans were created. I was introduced to this question early in my life. As I was raised I was told of an all-powerful god that created the universe, earth, and all its inhabitants. When I went to school I was exposed to the ideas of the "big bang theory" and evolution. With all these possibilities whirling through my mind, I decided to try and find the answer; were humans created from sticks and mud, or are we just sophisticated monkeys? I know with this topic in discussion, I could offend some of my readers. While writing this paper I will try and be as unbiased as possible and state negative and positive ideas of both theories. I will explore both issues with an open mind. Hopefully after this assignment I will find an answer for this problem. Then my mind will finally will have a chance to rest on this dilemma. .
             As I entered this assignment I figured that it would be quite easy finding many sources of information to help me as I create my draft. I first logged on to the internet and went to the ask jeeves website (http://www.ask.com/). I searched for "creation vs. evolution" and found countless sources of interesting facts. One problem that I experienced while searching various websites was that most sites were not openly minded. There were many that just focused against creation of evolution. I had learned of Charles Darwin during a science class in high school and I went to the library to read of his past experiences. After gathering a good amount of information and creating a research log I decided to proceed to the next step and write what I had learned. .
             The idea of God creating the heavens and earth seemed to me, at the time, a reasonable explanation for the predicament my mind was in. Then I thought to myself, "The idea of there being a amazing force that can just create anything it wants seems a little far fetched.

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