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Evolution Vs. Creation

             Creation and evolution have been enemies for as long as the two existed. Will they continue to be enemies? The answer is yes. Creation and evolution will continue to be enemies for as long as there is people who take the time to read and follow the Bible, and people who think they are the children of monkeys.
             Before I go any further, you need to know what the Theory of Evolution states. It states that: all of the highly complex structures and systems of the universe are due to the operation of purely natural and haphazard processes of nature. No external agent (i.e. God) is needed or desired by the proponents of this naturalistic viewpoint. The universe is perceived as being a self-contained and self-evolving.".
             The two sides of the story.
             Now that you know a little about evolution, I will let you know about the people behind evolution and a different side along with creation, genetics. Charles Darwin, father of evolution, and Gregor Mendel, father of genetics, lived at the same time. While Darwin was promoting his idea of evolution, Mendel was proving it wrong with genetics. How did these two people make two totally different conclusions? Darwin made his conclusions on untested inheritance traits, while Mendel was using a method of careful experimentation and long studies with genetics.
             What are in the minds of evolutionists? .
             Evolutionists insist that the systems and their complex internal components can arise with numerous and aimless processes of nature. Dr. Lester made a surprising and intriguing inference about the evolutionists. She said that "their way of "thinking" is that if you get enough monkeys to type for long enough, one would produce a perfect unabridged dictionary." I would like to illustrate this idea. "Consider the probability of just spelling the word "evolution" by randomly selecting nine letters from the alphabet. The likelihood of this would be one in twenty-six to the ninth power.

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