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Evolution Vs. Creation

             it has been a widely controversial issue widespread over the United States. We have a right as students and as parents to be taught creation and have creation be taught to our children if that is what we choose. Most of us did not have a choice in grade school to be taught creation in our Biology classes. We had to sit through being taught that evolution, (as a fact), was the way we came about, which could easily confuse a child because at home and at the church that some parents took their children to taught them creation. Shouldn't we have the right for cirricullium to also include creation?.
             I am now old enough to realize that I do not have to believe what my College Biology Professor teaches about evolution, but that does mean that I have to like it. I remember being in my high school biology class, and when we got to the chapter on evolution, I did not want to pay any attention to it because I did not believe in it. It is different being a child who is very impressionable, to be in an elementary Biology class and the teacher is teaching that we all came from monkeys, but offers no other explanation of how we got here when parents are teaching them at home something completely different. Parents have the right for their children to be taught creation if that is what they choose. It is the parents who agree with creation that also pay taxes that go toward school funding. According to David Greising of Business Week; nearly half of all Americans reject Darwins theory evolution, so that would be half of the tax payers also.
             Some states have already started a growing trend of teaching other theories. According to Michael Lemorick of New York TIMES, the school board of Hall County Georgia ruled that teachers must put forward a variety of theories on the origin of life, not just evolution. Started in fall of 1996, Alabamas text books must include a disclaimer inserted, stating that evolution is a "controversial theory", accepted only by "some scientists".

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