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Creationism Vs. Evolution

             There is alot of controversy these days as to whether or not students should be made to study both creationism and evolutionary theory. I strongly believe that they should not. I believe that since creationism is a product of religious beliefs, it should not be taught in schools due to the U.S. Constitution clearly stating that there should be a separation between church and state. .
             This is definitely a tough issue, since many people have different beliefs as to the beginning of the world and the beginning of man. Some people may argue that it is necessary to teach creationism in schools because it is simply what they believe in. I think that it would be better to teach based on fact, rather than basing education on a text that was written hundreds of years ago, when people were uninformed and simply trying to explain things that they couldn't comprehend. As far as education goes, there should be no teaching based on something that can't be scientifically proven. Robert Schadewald, in an essay entitled Scientific Creationism and Error, stated that "Science is wedded, at least in principle, to the evidence. Creationism is unabashedly wedded to the doctrine, as evidenced by the statements of belief required by various creationist organizations and the professions of faith made by individual creationists. Because creationism is first and foremost a matter of Biblical faith, evidence from the natural world can only be of secondary importance. Authoritarian systems like creationism tend to instill in their adherents a peculiar view of truth." I agree whole heartedly with this, and although Schadewald wasn't talking specifically about teaching creationism in schools, his views definitely pertain to it. .
             I understand that it may be important for students to be exposed to both theories, but it should not in any way be forced upon them. If not for the actual educational values of theories, it should be out of respect of the students.

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