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Children and Early Reading Intervention

             When going throughout school, it is very hard for a teacher with a class of 15 students to give each student individualized time to work on their specific needs. A problem that younger students suffer from is their ability to read and the difficulties that come with it (Lyon, 2003). For many students if their reading abilities are not corrected at early stages, they are subjected to being held back in school, need additional help during class; taking them away from normal instruction, which creates greater hardships during schooling. In order to help correct this, scientists have turned to early reading intervention as a way to help minimalize the hardships that students would endure. .
             Through intense research and studies, early reading intervention programs have been created in order to help create an equal playing field for students to progress at the same pace of the class. Early reading intervention helps to find students who are at risk of becoming troubled readers, and helps to develop them into efficient readers. (Shafiuddin, 2012) Finding these various types of negative behaviors at an early age individuals are able to improve their reading in order to continue growing at the same rate of their peers. This paper analyzes a series of articles in which scholars assess the effectiveness of early reading intervention programs within schools. Due to the many struggles that students do endure during formal schooling, implementing early reading intervention programs in schools would be an effective way to help increase literacy rates throughout schools. This paper will fulfill two main ideas; it will help to show the reasons on why early reading intervention programs are more effective then other types of programs that have been used to help with reading disabilities and will also the show the amount of success that early reading invention programs has made within different individuals.

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