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Kids at risk

             Youths do not become delinquents over night. There are many different factors leading up to this stage. These kids all at one point fell under the categories of at risk youths. "At-risk youths are those who are at serious risk of failing in school and who will probably be unsuccessful in making the transition to work and adult life and as a consequence are unlikely to be able to make a full contribution to active society." Some of the main causes for youth to be at risk are:.
             1. The individual's biological make up. .
             2. His or her families emotional well being and socio-economical status.
             3. The community's norms, values and pressure. .
             4. The schools effectiveness at promoting positive or negative development.
             5. The aspects of the education system.
             6. Opportunities for future jobs .
             7. Learning disabilities.
             A youth's biological make up could be one of the factors contributing to at risk youths. A youth with Emotional Behavioral Disorder is considered a type of child who is at risk. Biological factors are thought to contribute to emotional and behavioral disorder, but no proof that biological factors alone account to Emotional Behavioral disorder. A part of a child's biological makeup may be a difficult temperament he is born with, malnutrition, a disease, a brain tumor, substance abuse, or brain or biochemical dysfunction all which can cause the child to have an Emotional Behavioral Disorder, and later cause him to be at risk.
             Social disadvantages play a big role in many lives of at risk youth. Youths who grow up in poor households many times live in a cramped society where crime and drugs are ramped, their parents are more concerned with putting food on the table then the children's education, and many of the parents are uneducated themselves. The school systems in these areas are generally of poor quality which in and of itself puts kids at a disadvantage and a greater risk of dropping out of school.

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