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Causes and Symptoms of Conduct Disorder

             Conduct Disorder is a psychological disorder that presents in children and adolescence, typically characterized by violent or damaging behaviour and disregard for property and rules (Kostic et al, 2014). Attention must be given to the development of CD in adolescence to determine what factors (neurological or environmental) influence it's onset. Similarly, the relationship between CD and other disorders affecting youths, including learning disabilities and ADHD, must be examined to determine what secondary or cumulative effects suffers experience. And finally various methods of treatment need to be explored in order to identify the most effective course of action to help correct CD, looking at the impact of each on specific symptoms. Because of the inherently anti-social nature of Conduct Disorder (CD), this paper will show the causes, complications, and possible treatments of the disorder as reason why we need to help both symptomatic youth and society. .
             Causes & Development .
             In some instances the initial onset of symptoms associated with CD may help in determining both the cause and the possible development of a diagnosis. The timing of onset of symptoms can help to predict the path and of development CD may take in individuals, and can help psychologists determine a cause. According to Pardini and Frick (2013) there are three possible origins for Conduct Disorder manifesting in youth. These are early onset, callous/unemotional traits, and severe anger dysregulation. Earlier (childhood) onset of CD is believed to be a result of neurological issues relating to inhibition and verbalization (Pardini & Frick, 2013). Those who manifest CD in childhood often hail from families with histories of anti-social behaviour (Pardini & Frick, 2013). Another study found a similar link between instances of Conduct Disorder and youth whose parents suffer from psychological disorders (Kostic et al, 2014).

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