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Cause and Effect

            When I think about all the people that have influenced my life, one man stands out, as my greatest influence, my dad. I would have to say he influenced my life in so many ways. My sense of humor, my outlook on life, my love for sports and the way I view people with disabilities. When I think about my dad's influence, I remember, he was always happy. He enjoyed life, and it showed in the number of friends he had. Everywhere he went somebody always knew him, as a coach, a business owner, as a body man or just a friend. All who knew him liked him. He was a very athletic guy and participated in many sporting activities. His sense of humor was unforgettable and his laugh unmistakable. You could hear it a mile away. He taught me how to look at the brighter side of every situation with humor and remember it always could be worse. He always made sure when Sunday came we attended church together as a family. His strong faith in god influenced my religious beliefs, as I hope mine will influence my children. The greatest impact my dad had on me had to be the way he accepted his destiny, his diagnosis of having the disease multiple sclerosis (M.S.). The illness never influenced my dad's sense of humor or his inner strength. M.S. caused him to lose the use of his body and its functions, he lost his business, he lost his home with his wife, but he never lost his pride or his love for life or faith in god. He choose to accept his illness and never complained. He fought for his life right to the end, even when the doctors had given up. So when I think of my dad's influence on my life, I to be proud of who I am, to cherish my children, never lose my faith in god and to always remember that things could be worse and laughter is the best medicine. .

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