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             Picking a major is the most important thing in every college student's life. One must think of each and every way ones major will affect ones life. I have picked my major, which is mass communications. With a mass communication degree I plan on becoming a news broadcaster. This job will affect my life tremendously.
             Upon becoming a news broadcaster I will have to move around the United States, due to fact there are only three major news stations in Louisiana. Moving is very difficult. I will have to leave behind my family and friends, which is the most important thing to me. I will be living in a strange town where I do not know anyone. Finding a place to live in a new town is not always easy. It takes a lot of research on a city to figure out where the safest and most convents place to live are located. Moving can also tend to become expensive. .
             When one is on television it become difficult form that person to go out in public. I would always be in the public eye. It seems once a person makes a name for them self on television people start noticing everything they do. I would become easily recognized. If I were to be caught be any type of bar, everyone would know about it. It seems people critique everything a person does if they are only television. It becomes hard to be oneself when everyone is watching so carefully, which makes it hard to have a family.
             Stress is also a factor in becoming a newscaster. One is always on call for breaking news. One is always writing stories and editing stories for the upcoming news. Finding a story can also be stressful. One must dig dip to get the best story. People find news broadcasters nosey. People say they will do anything for a story, but people do not is sometimes a newscaster has to. Everybody likes to know what is going on in the world, but they want blame the media for telling too much. When people talk bad about a person's job that tends to stress the newscaster out.

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