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Antigone Cause and Effect

            Cause and effect are a part of everyday life, and generally accepted as such. However, people don't think about every choice they make or what will be the result of their judgments. Some people go about their existence making decisions based on their opinions, background, mood, and convictions, without ever considering the influence their decisions will have on others. Often times, people can change those around them very easily by exhibiting confidence in their actions and speech, as is the case in Sophocles" Antigone. Antigone's actions regarding Creon's worldly laws ultimately have an effect on Ismene, Haimon, and Creon.
             Antigone's defiance of Creon's decree first influences Ismene by altering her original opinion towards Creon. When asking for Ismene's assistance in the burial of Polyneices, Antigone states, "And now you can prove what you are:/ A true sister, or a traitor to your family."(Prologue ll. 26-27) Antigone is willing to die for her brother's honor and believes his honor to be more important than her earthly life. Antigone considers Ismene a traitor because she is not supporting their family with her refusal to help. Although Ismene supports Antigone's idea, Ismene expresses her initial reluctance to help her sister by claiming, "We are only women, we cannot fight with men, Antigone!/ The law is strong, we must give into the law/ In this thing and in worse."(Prologue ll. 47-49) Ismene's statement illustrates how she is afraid of publicly criticizing the king because women are inferior to men, and doesn't think their protest will accomplish anything. Following Antigone's capture for breaking Creon's edict, Ismene's position changes greatly. When asked by Creon if she is guilty as well, Ismene declares "Yes, if she will let me say so. I am guilty," and "I too have a duty I must discharge to the dead."(Scene 2 ll. 130 and 138) Because Antigone admits to acting out against Creon, despite the fact her actions will result in death, Ismene understands how important it is for her brother to receive the honorable burial he deserves.

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