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The play Antigone

            In many novels, plays and stories, politics plays an important role in the story. Most of the time, politics are in place to bring peace and justice to a nation by creating laws. However, politics could also have negative effects on the population. More often than not, politics have a negative effect on the nation as is the case in the play Antigone and the book of Laughter and Forgetting by Milan Kundera. Politics create conflicts that cause chaos, sadness and death in both Antigone and Kundera stories. In general, the story ends in a very sad manner. This situation occurs in two ways; first, politics destroys the life of those who are against it; secondly, it destroys the life of those who defend the law.
             The first role of politics is to eliminate anyone who is against it. In the play Antigone, the main character dies because she acted against the laws that Creon created. Antigone believed that she was strong enough to defeat Creon and his laws. She broke one of his laws by burying her brother. Seeing as she had lots of confidence, she accused Creon that he was wrong. This led Creon to get even angrier and sentenced Antigone to death. Seeing that her final moment was approaching, Antigone ended up trying to defend herself from her punishment when she realized that she had lost the case.
             "What law of mighty gods have I transgressed? Why look to the heavens anymore, tormented as I am? Very well: if this is the pleasure of the gods, once I suffer I will know that I was wrong. But if these men are wrong, let them suffer nothing worse than they mete out to me- 1.
             Here, we can observe Freud's theory about the need for self-preservation and it's disruption by social anxiety. At first, Antigone did not care if she was sentenced to death because all she wanted was to bury her brother and she thought that she could overpower Creon. But at the end, she was desperately trying to convince Creon and his councils to let her free.

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