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             Through "Antigone", the play, Sophocles lets it be known that family is more important than authority. Antigone, Ismene, Creon, and Haemon were a good related family that stood by each other, with the exception of Creon, though there were rough times they all dealt with. Creon chose to stand up for his authority rather than to stand up for his family. Since family is more important to Sophocles than authority, the play gets complex with Creon, and him wanting to choose authority over his family. Antigone and Haemon also play big roles in demonstrating how they want their family more than anything. .
             Polyneceis and Eteoles were brothers along with Antigone and Ismene. Polyneceis and Eteocles fought in a war for Thebes, the town that Creon the powerful King ruled. Eteocles fought and died serving Thebes and Polyneceis, on the other hand, was killed piteously not serving Thebes. Creon made a law to bury Eteocles and let Polyneceis rot, as a consequence of Polyneceis not serving Thebes. Creon felt he had to make this law to enforce that anyone from Thebes who served against Thebes would be harshly punished for it. "I think you know.Our two brothers: Creon is burying one to desecrate the other," Antigone told Ismene explaining Creon's law. "He is my brother still, and yours: though you would have it otherwise but I shall not abandon him," Antigone told Ismene. Antigone felt awful that Creon was doing such a wrong thing. After all, they were both Creon's nephews. Eteocles and Polyneceis were sons of Oedipus, and Creon was Oedipus's brother in law. Creon promised to watch and take care of them when Oedipus died. Creon was being an insensitive and insincere family member, choosing his authority over his family. Antigone took a moral stand and buried Polyneices. When Creon found out Antigone buried Polyneceis she was going to be killed. .
             "No woman ever faced so unreasonable, so cruel a death for such a generous cause", Haemon told his father, Creon, defending Antigone's stand for burring Polyneceis.

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