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            The story of Antigone is a tragic tale of the downfall of power and bad decisions.
             Opposing oppinions of Antigone and Creon fueled a power struggle based on .
             Natural laws vs. the laws of man causing a downward spiral of events indused by .
             pride and the fear of changing their past actions and the outcome of the future.
             Antigone, a stong willed fighter, believed that by burying her brother she .
             would atone for how his body was treated after his death. One could say that .
             Antigone was against the law of man and only believed in the natural laws of the .
             universe and Gods, but in contrary Antigone was not disobeying the laws of man .
             or obeying the laws of Gods, she was merely acting in what she thought was the .
             right thing to do. Antigone would not have buried any body that was left to decay .
             uncovered she merely did it because it was her own brother. Antigone knew her .
             actions where wrong and against the law of the King, but she was also ready to .
             face the consiquences for her actions. As any human would, Antigone did not .
             want to die or suffer and she believed she should not have to. She had .
             convinsed herself that she was right and that she was dying for a just cause, but .
             in reality she was not right at all. She had blatently broken a rule of the land and .
             deserved to be punished,as would any other person who would have done the .
             same. We can relate the situation of Antigone to present day problems. Even if .
             we feel it is right to break a law or commit a crime, and even if we have a moral .
             reason to, we can not or we will have to face the consiquences of the laws we .
             have inplace today. Antigone is portrayed sympathetically in the play, but at the .
             root of all of the drama comes her one action that she chose to do and by .
             performing that pivital act of disobeying the law and burying her brother she .
             tragically changed her future and the future of others. .
             Creon, a prideful ruler, stood for what he thought was right and the fact .

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