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             Conflict is the central struggle in a play or novel. It is essential to the novel because it creates interest and captivates the audience. Without it, a story would be quite irksome and dull. One type of conflict is when a character opposes the will of the majority. This type of conflict is shown in Antigone an helps present the character traits of the antagonist, Antigone.
             Antigone's character traits are reflected by her actions. When Antigone went against her Uncle's law, it showed that she was brave and fearless. This changes later on in the play when she was faced with death. Antigone was also very strong minded. Once she decided on a course of action, she did not veer off course even if it meant certain death. Antigone was also very strong willed. She did not let Creon's power intimidate her because in her mind, she was just as powerful as he. Antigone also did not accept the stereotypical role that was placed on women during that time period. In her opinion, she was just as capable as the king himself. Antigone shows great loyalty to Polynecies when she defies against Creon's law. She is the one person who is brave enough to oppose the king. Antigone states that she not only buried her brother to be loyal to her family but also to obey the gods. She did not care about the consequences of burying her brother because she was loyal.
             When Antigone opposed her uncle, Creon, it creates a conflict. Antigone's brothers, Polynecies and Eutocles, killed each other in battle. Creon then makes a law that no one shall bury Polynecies because he is considered a traitor. Antigone chooses to defy this law. She asks her sister, Ismene, for help but her sister declines the offer. This causes a family quarrel between Antigone and Ismene. Antigone believes that Ismene is a coward while Ismene believes that Antigone is foolish. It also creates the obvious conflict between Creon and Antigone.

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