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            Antigone is not from a normal family. Her family feels very strong in what they believe in. Antigone did things that other people wouldn't normally do. Some people wouldn't defy authority to do what they believe is right. Creon did things that people wouldn't do. I think Sophocles believed a little in both family and authority. But I think he found family more important.
             Antigone felt strong in her beliefs. She was a brave woman. Creon made a law that no one could bury her brother Polyneices because he fought against the state. Antigone disagreed, was furious, and decided that she would go and bury her brother, "I think you know our two brothers: Creon is burying one to desecrate the other. Eteocles, they say, he was dispatched with proper rites as one judged fit to pass in glory to the shades. But Polyneices, killed as piteously, and interdict forbids that anyone should bury him or even mourn. He must be left unwept, unsepulchered, a vulture's prize, sweetly scented from afar. That's what they say our good and noble Creon plans: plans for you and me, yes me; And now he's coming here to publish it and make it plain to those who haven't heard. Anyone who disobeys will pay no trifling penalty but die by stoning before the city walls. There's your chance to prove your worth, or else a sad degeneracy." " Take this hand of mine and bury the dead?- "He is my brother still, and yours; though you should have it otherwise, but I shall not abandon him."" She asked her sister, Ismene, if she would help bury Polyneices. Ismene didn't want to, "Sister, please, please! Remember how our father died: hated, in disgrace, self-diminished in horror of himself, his own hand stabbing out his sight. And how his mother-wife in one twisted off her earthly days with cord; and thirdly how our two brothers in one day each achieved for each a suicidal nemesis. And now, we two are left. Think how much worse our end will be than all the rest if we defy our sovereign's edict and his power.

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