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            What would happen if Haemon, Antigone's fiancée, was eliminated from the play? What would be the effects upon the play? Antigone would lose many features that make the audience and readers understand and empathize with her. She would lose much of her appeal for the readers. The play itself would be drastically changed. It would surely lack the vital spirit of kinship we feel with Antigone.
             Antigone is the daughter of Oedipus. After her father went into exile, she and her sister were raised by Creon. Her brothers Polynices and Eteocles died while fighting in war, against each other. They were both equally to blame for the war. Then Creon became king. He declared that Eteocles will have an honorable burial and that Polynices' body will be left to rot outside the city walls. He even assigned men to guard the body. Even though King Creon decreed that Polynices the traitor was not to be buried, Antigone defied the order. She was caught by the guards and sentenced by Creon to be buried alive - even though she was betrothed to his son Haemon. After the blind prophet Tiresias proved that the gods were on Antigone's side, Creon changed his mind - but it was too late. First he went to bury Polynices and then he went to the tomb to free Antigone. However, when he arrived at the tomb, Antigone has already killed herself. Then, his son Haemon also killed himself, right in front of Creon. When the news of Haemon's death is reported to her, Creon's wife Eurydice commits suicide. Creon and Ismene (Antigone's sister) are left alone. .
             Even though Haemon only appears twice in the play, he is a necessary character because he shows us that although Antigone is willing to die for her brother, she could have had a happy life with him. Haemon is the son of Creon and Eurydice. He is Antigone's fiancee. Haemon is there to show that Antigone has a life and a future outside of her need to bury her brother. .
             Haemon also supports Antigone's cause.

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